Fine Line Resurfacing

Our Genesis Laser allows you to turn back the clock to the days when your skin glowed with vibrance and health. Known as the “lunch-time laser,” this treatment allows clients to have a session, reapply makeup and return to work. You will regain the youthful appearance you fondly remember, as this procedure treats conditions typically associated with premature aging. This treatment targets the papillary dermis, removing fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea and acne. It can also even out pigment, reduces pore size and improve skin’s texture.

Using a non-ablative laser photofacial, the skin’s natural ability to repair itself is stimulated. The laser’s intense light energy is absorbed into the targeted tissue and stimulates collagen replication. You will notice softer, smoother skin, a decrease in pore size and softening of fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Fine Line Resurfacing

"I feel so comfortable with this great staff-it's like going to visit girlfriends! They are all so knowledgeable and helpful when I have questions, I can no longer imagine not having Tighten It to go to for my beauty needs!"
—Sue, Granite Bay